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Helsinki Ski Club in short


Espoo Slalom and Slalom-Seura have joined forces. A new alpine ski club has born to the Metropolitan area of Helsinki.




Our winter training center is Vihti Ski Center


Helsinki Ski Club is a club:

* doing long term activities with kids and youth 

* offering excellent domestic alpine skiing coaching

* offering positive club activities in alpine skiing

* organising domestic alpine skiing competitions

* promoting and building the awareness of Finnish alpine skiing


Our leading skiers are:
Jens Henttinen, World Cup skier
Nella Korpio, Europa Cup skier
Inka Antikainen, Europa Cup skier
Joona Piirainen, Europa Cup skier
Otto Salmenkivi, Europa Cup skier


You can find more on us on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. Just use #helsinkiskiclub


Contact person: Mr. Ville Kainulainen, Executive director +358 44 5591369

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